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Angee Skoubye

I, Angela (Rodriguez) Skoubye was born in Ogden, Utah in 1983.  I have loved art and have been drawing and painting since I was young.  


I took art classes while growing up throughout Junior High and High School.  I won several awards then.  As I pursued a college degree I thought that my art career would always be a hobby more that a career.  I took several art classes while attending college.


After becoming a mother to my first child, I picked up my paint brushes again and began to learn how to create watercolor sports. 


I love what I do and I look at this as an opportunity to create something beautiful and express the strong emotions that can come from living everyday life.  I love painting in vivid color to visually convey joy, excitement, love, longing, etc.  I hope you enjoy my work.  

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